Thesis 2.0 Box – Extended Headline

Thesis 2.0 Box – Extended Headline

The extended Headline Box for thesis 2.0 tackles an issue where users create titles that vary in terms of length. This can cause problems when styling your skins layout. For example if you have a query box and intend to display them side by side, the only way to ensure they are both the same height is to fix the height. Without fixing the height of each post container you will encounter issues where the post boxes are all different sizes.

So fixing the height is a good way to keep them all the same size, but if you have a title that is really long next to a title that is quite small then they are going to look completely different again as one make cover 2 or 3 lines whereas another title may only cover 1 line.

To tackle this issue I created a box to control the length of the title and appended a hellip (…) so that users know where it is a full title or not. This box allows for better formatting and again more control to the user.

So what am I talking about?

To make it clear I am talking about the following.

wordpress post titles different lengths

As you can see, the read more link is out side of the container because the title is too long. After uploading the extended headline box and limiting the titles length will be the same in terms of maximum lines to occupies.

wordpress post titles with the extended healine box for thesis 2.0

Extended Headline Box for Thesis 2.0


  1. Upload the box via the thesis 2.0 box uploader.
  2. Activate

How to use the box

The Extended Headline box can be used multiple times depending on how many headline areas you have.

  1. Head over to your HTML editor
  2. Add Box
  3. Select Extended Headline
  4. Give it a name if you are going to use more than one, so that you know which one belongs to which headline area.
  5. Drag and drop the box in the correct location. (This would be the same location as the current thesis 2.0 Headline box which is green.)
  6. Remove the green headline box by dropping it in the tray
  7. Open up the options for the Extended headline box and configure headline.


The box contains the following options

  1. HTML tag (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6)
  2. Checkbox to link to article
  3. HTML class (default is .headline)
  4. Max title length (This allows you to enter a number to limit the titles length)
  5. Character to Append to the Title (by default it is a hellip “…” )

extended headline box for thesis 2.0

Once configured just close the box options and hit the save button.

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Thesis 2.0 allows developers and users alike to create unique looking websites, developers are able to solve issues in the form of boxes and then apply these boxes to the HTML editor with absolute precision. Just one more reason why Thesis rocks.

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