Thesis 2 can be extended with boxes. Boxes are similar to plugins for WordPress, but with a few key differences. Boxes can take full advantage of the Thesis API and its various methods. Boxes can load their resources conditionally – relative to each template. There are other less obvious advantages but the two key differences [...]

Thesis 2 comment intro displays the total number of comments as well as acting as a jump link between the start of the comments and the comment form – handy if you have a lot of comments on your pages. The default comment intro box displays the following. X Comment(s)… Add one You can change [...]

Over the last couple of weeks I have been optimizing a number of websites and I ended up with a website hosted on Web Synthesis and another website hosted on WP Engine. This gave me some updated insight into how each of these “WordPress Optimized” Managed Hosts work. As an optimization specialist it is very [...]

A CSS clearfix is used to fix issues related to floating child elements within a parent element. Without a clearfix your child elements wont behave as you expect them too. When a HTML element is floated it can appear to sit outside its parent element and that means it wont adjust the parents height accordingly. [...]

Custom post types are nothing new in WordPress but since thesis 2.1 added a query box to the mix I figured I would show you how to take advantage of this and use them to diversify your content. Typically this would be subject to coding custom loops but the Thesis 2.x query box takes away [...]

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