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A CSS clearfix is used to fix issues related to floating child elements within a parent element. Without a clearfix your child elements wont behave as you expect them too. When a HTML element is floated it can appear to sit outside its parent element and that means it wont adjust the parents height accordingly. [...]

Some users including myself and some of my clients reported a validation error preventing their RSS feeds from working correctly. I can confirm that as of version this has been fixed thanks to Chris Pearson’s’ speed response. Chris Pearson has continued to work relentlessly ironing out issues reported by users as well as further [...]

Facebook like is a valuable resource to have on your site but it does come at a cost. It adds a large amount of javascript to your site and the standard code which you get from the Facebook developers page is missing something. Ahh that’s right, it load synchronously. What does synchronously mean? In short [...]

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