Optimization Tips

A selection of guides to help you optimize your WordPress based website. If your site is not optimized then you could be missing out on traffic, interactions and even income. Web sites performance and efficiency is so important that Google included it in its algorithm for ranking a site.

Query strings – What are they and why should we remove them? Do something right now. Right click on your site and view source. What do you see? I bet when viewing your source code you see URL’s that look like this: http://sitename.com/wp-content/plugins/js/some_js?ver=3.4.2 or something to that effect. They can be seen on images, CSS [...]

Facebook like is a valuable resource to have on your site but it does come at a cost. It adds a large amount of javascript to your site and the standard code which you get from the Facebook developers page is missing something. Ahh that’s right, it load synchronously. What does synchronously mean? In short [...]

Image optimization is again another very important part of optimizing your WordPress blog or site. Images add weight to the overall page load and so it is essential that we ensure the impact is minimal. This issue will cover all that you need to know about optimizing your images for maximum performance. To do this [...]

Leverage Browser cache is the process of telling the browser to cache your static content. As websites become more dynamic and heavier it is important to reduce the payload and leveraging the browser to cache those objects is just one way of doing just that. Without it you would be loading the site raw, which [...]

How do you leverage browser cache for Google analytics. Since Google added page load times to its ranking system I find it quite ironic that googlies analytic code slows your site down. So the question is, what can we do about it? Well Google did add asynchronous loading to it’s coding which has helped a [...]

Wordpress optimization is essential Wordpress is now the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world with over 73 million sites using this amazingly simple system. It is simple to use and easy to post, for the more savvy web developer it can be stripped right down and rebuilt to suit your every need. [...]