We all know that WordPress comes with an abundance of plugins to tackle just about every form of functionality you can imagine, however that does not necessarily mean you should use them all. WordPress is considered to be quite demanding on your server as it is and the more plugins you add the more demand [...]

Currently the Default character set or Collation for MySQL  is still “latin1_swedish_ci” and it is so damn annoying. The original reason for this is because the creator of MySQL is Swedish, which is the same reason why Microsoft’s’ operating systems default language is English US. Some hosts may differ, but for the most part lets assume [...]

So you run your test on Gtmetrix and you notice a recommendation that says Avoid a character set in the meta tag and now you’re like, what the hell does that even mean? Gtmetrix says: The following resources have a character set specified in a meta tag. Specifying a character set in a meta tag disables [...]

Linkable Buttons with HTML 5

Since HTML 5 is gaining momentum and users are now shifting towards using buttons to link content over just a simply text link I thought I would share with you the correct method to link your content. The Wrong Way to link buttons Most people would simply do something like this. <a href="#"><button>Click Me</button></a> Although [...]

Lately there has been a spell of unwanted news kicking about the WordPress world. Many of my clients have reported increased levels of malicious activity on there sites, and some have reported huge jumps in the number of attempted accesses to the admin interface, i.e wp-admin and wp-login. Fortunately for you, there are a number [...]

robots.txt is a text file that is used to restrict robots (more importantly, search engine bots) from indexing and crawling certain parts of your website. Without a robots.txt file, the bots have free reign around your website which is not a good thing at all. By default WordPress does not come with a robots.txt, so [...]

Since PHP 5.3.9 a new php.ini option was added called max_input_vars. It is part of the run-time configuration and in most cases this won’t be a problem. But some users have found that when they are saving large amounts of data, nothing happens. Upon enabling Display errors they find this is being outputted each time [...]

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