This guide will focus on the CSS editor found in the skin editor option. If you have been following this series you will know that we have already covered the site options in Thesis 2.0 Getting Started Part 1 Site Options and the HTML editor in Thesis 2.0 Getting Started Part 2 – HTML Editor [...]

Thesis 2.0 has been rockin the world of wordpress but some people miss the full width framework, this isn’t because Chris removed this feature, it’s because you need to make a few adjustments. Thesis 2.0 has the greatest level of control over your layout than any other theme out there. So this tutorial is going [...]

This guide will focus on the HTML editor found in the skin editor option. We will be going through all the options involved in using the HTML Editor. Did you read Part 1 which was all about the site options. Recommended reading for anyone wanting to fully understand the Thesis 2.0 options. You ready? Let’s [...]

So Thesis 2.0 is finally here. This tutorial is going to cover some basics about this amazing theme. But first I have something to say. I have read many threads and apparent reviews of Thesis 2.0 slating it, some saying avoid at all costs. I have read threads about Developers saying it’s impossible to work [...]

Are you one of those people who finds themselves having to add their FTP details every time you want to update a plugin, theme or wordpress? Some installs of wordpress don’t ask you for this information but some do, so how can this be? Wordpress is a PHP based software and the way you install [...]

Query strings – What are they and why should we remove them? Do something right now. Right click on your site and view source. What do you see? I bet when viewing your source code you see URL’s that look like this: or something to that effect. They can be seen on images, CSS [...]

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