Facebook like is a valuable resource to have on your site but it does come at a cost. It adds a large amount of javascript to your site and the standard code which you get from the Facebook developers page is missing something. Ahh that’s right, it load synchronously. What does synchronously mean? In short [...]

WordPress is now the largest content management system (CMS) in the world. It simply revolutionized how websites were built, bringing millions to the web to tell their stories, ideas, tips. It allowed for communities to flourish, like minded people with similar interests shared ideas about the next best thing, in a way you could almost [...]

Displaying related posts below your posts is one way to help interlink your content through out your site, but many of the plugins available have a darker side to them. The fact is they quite literally spam the database with vast amounts of requests in the form of queries. Many of you may have had [...]

Image optimization is again another very important part of optimizing your WordPress blog or site. Images add weight to the overall page load and so it is essential that we ensure the impact is minimal. This issue will cover all that you need to know about optimizing your images for maximum performance. To do this [...]

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