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RSS comment notification is simply just another way for people to subscribe to comments on a given post. So you might be thinking why anyone would do this, what’s wrong with just subscribing by email.

Well nothing at all for most bogs. But there will be some of you out there who may of experience warnings by your hosts about the number of emails your server is sending out. Shared hosting does come with a limit to the number of emails that can be sent out per hour, or day. You would have to contact them to find out this exact number as different hosts set different limits.

I looked at various ways to reduce this, but the simplest solution I found was to use RSS.

Simply add this script to your custom functions.php for thesis users.

function show_comments_rss_link() {
    echo '<p class="comments_rss">';
    post_comments_feed_link($link_text='Subscribe to Comments Feed for Post'); // Default text is "Comments Feed"
    echo '</p>';


You may want to edit with some CSS so just add this to your custom.css file to start you off.

#commentform .comments_rss a {


For non thesis users you will have to edit comments.php

Locate the line that says

<?php comment_form(); ?>

Then add this script below

<div class="comments_rss"><?php post_comments_feed_link($link_text='Subscribe to Comments Feed for Post'); ?></div>

This will then add a link below your comment form and finally to add some custom CSS

Add this to your themes style.css

.comments_rss {


Each site is different so I cannot add some set CSS, but for those comfortable with CSS you will already have a good idea what to add.

For those with no idea, I strongly advice learning just a little to help you edit your site, as a blogger knowing CSS is a wonder tool to have.

Final thoughts

Remember this can be used for simply giving people the option to subscribe with RSS or as a substitute to emails for those reaching there hourly/daily maximum.

I hope this has been helpful to you and I thank Girlie from the Thesis Forums for this simple script.

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Matthew Horne

Matthew Horne is web developer who specializes in optimized development. He also builds custom solutions instead of reverting to plugins. Matthew Has a strong understanding of PHP, JavaScript, jQuery.

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