The Power of Linking and backlinking

The power of backlinkingLinking and back linking are and always will be powerful methods for growing your site, so the question is why and how to do it?

When I first launched this blog I was full of hope but I soon realised that this wasn’t going to be as simple as I might of thought. The problem I had was that there are so many blogs in this niche, a large niche to say the least.

Linking to other sites

This one is particularly tough, it requires looking around for similar blogs within your niche and linking back to your sources. You should do this as a general rule because nobody likes their content being published on another site without referencing the site that it came from.

So if you have a great article about an experiment or lets say a piece of research confirming someone else’s suspicion or results then you might want to consider telling that blogger that you tested out his theory or idea and it worked.

There is no guarantee that you will be rewarded with a link back to your site but many blogger’s will be more than happy to. Derek Halpern from Social Triggers touched on this subject on how to earn your first link from a major blogger.

In short the area I’m referencing is…

1. Give them credit in the blog post

If you want a blogger to link you, the best way to do that is to link them first.

Look—I won’t lie to you. When you link a top blogger, there’s no guarantee that they’ll link you back.

However, when everyone else is begging them on Twitter, a link helps you stand out from everyone else.

Plus, a link is sort of like a gift… and people feel the need to reciprocate gifts. It’s human nature.

One more thing: there’s an incoming link section in the WordPress dashboard. Chances are they’ll see your blog post there if you link them. Added benefit :-) .

This simple technique in some cases can land you a back link from their site. But this isn’t the only method you should rely on.

Email Directly

The second part of that post also mentions emailing them directly. Unbeknown to me this is exactly how I got a back link from Pat Flynn’s site Smart Passive Income on his resource page.

It wasn’t something that I went out of my way to do, but as a habit I have a slight obsession with testing people’s sites and seeing if it can be improved. That is exactly what I did with Pat’s site. His site was loading fast but I could see that it could be improved and so I sent him an email letting him know about it.

After some discussion he gave me the go ahead to carry out the work and as a result his site loads faster and in return I got a few dollars but more importantly a back link and recommendation from a top blogger.

The aftermath

Since receiving that one link, I have had an influx of work and I receive emails all the time about work opportunities. I was then forced to get a client management system to help me manage it all. This is now my full time job and sometimes there just simply isn’t enough hours in a day.

Increased traffic and revenue due to having more clients is the biggest benefit that I have received from this 1 link. So why not give it a shot, if you have something to offer, I say why not.

This proves what Derek is saying, that emailing directly isn’t an automatic fail. But in fact a very good way of building links, if you have something to offer you favourite blogger’s then I say go for it, help them out and in return they might help you out.

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Matthew Horne

Matthew Horne is web developer who specializes in optimized development. He also builds custom solutions instead of reverting to plugins. Matthew Has a strong understanding of PHP, JavaScript, jQuery.

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  • Andrew Aug 26, 2012, 5:26 pm

    Nice post, and I like the idea of emailing bloggers directly. You never know what positive things might come out of taking the initiative and starting a conversation.

    • Horne3754sg Aug 26, 2012, 5:28 pm

      Yeh, it was something that I did out of pure chance with Pat, at the time I have no idea what would happen, but Pat is a really nice guy and somehow I managed to convince him that I could improve his site. It was when i read Dereks post that I realised what i’d done. But like I said, if you have something to offer then go for it.

  • Kim Roach Sep 2, 2012, 6:40 pm

    Awesome post Matthew!!

    This is an excellent example of Blogger Outreach and finding
    ways to provide value to OTHERS first.



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